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@NGRI Metro Stn, Piller No: C-964, St No: 7, Habsiguda, Hyderabad - 500 007, TS   INDIA.

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'We have NO BRANCHES anywhere' (We are NOT CONCERNED with any other Fertility Centre with SIMILAR NAME like "Dr. PADMAJA... "In Karimnagar OR Vijayawada OR elsewhere In India)
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You may please call 8AM TO 8PM anyday any one out of the below for any information on cost packages, Procedures or Primary medical questions or results etc.,

P. Jyotsna Reddy, Chief P.R.O / Pt. Counsellor (Telugu, English, Hindi) +91 7661017755
Bhargavi, P.R.O / Pt.Counsellor/Surrogate Home I/C @ Bhongir(Telugu, English, Hindi) +91 7661086644
SAM (Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada) +91 9397055067
M. Divakar Reddy, Mg. Director / Pt. Counsellor (Telugu, English, Hindi) +91 9848343244
PRO's @ PFC (Telugu, English) +91 7661058800
Front office @ Habsiguda +91 9553507755, 9705407755
Front office @ Bhongir +91 9948044665

  **  How to reach us   **  

You may please plan like, to reach Hyderabad, in early hours of any day except Sunday, and reach BHONGIR (35 Km From Hyderabad on Warangal Hi way - you may locate it on Google Maps as "Navya Nursing Home, Bhongir", between 9 am 11 am to see Surrogacy Set Up (Srrgt Home), as we believe in "seeing is believing" where you can dine with them to see quality etc. talk to some of them to have an overall confidence in this centre that your baby would grow well...!!

Then start for Hyderabad to go to DR. Padmaja Fertility Centre, Habsiguda, Hyderabad (You may locate it on Google Maps like "Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre, Habsiguda) at 2pm where IVF procedures and Srrgt deliveries are actually done, to see Dr. Padmaja Divakar and Jyotsna, PRO, Divakar Reddy Pt Counsellor there to do all documentation required and examination along with schedule fixation by Dr Padmaja...!!

*****You may BOOK/HAVE your Return Journey same day night but bit late like after 8 pm so that your one day trip would be fruitful !!!

If everything is Okay for you and have decided to go ahead, then need to give your Semen sample, sign Agreement and Consent, pay Advance by cash., get examined and schedule fixed...if you can stay fir three more days, after two days of Abstinence give another sample just before leaving, for frozen storage to be used in case you are opting a Donor, that's it...the procedure will start immediately. Surrogates, unlike in other centres where a waiting period is out up after you pay initial fee, are always readily available here and there is no any waiting to arrange one for you...!!!!

One couple, preferably from your family or close relatives, from your side need to sign the agreement as Next friend Guardian, as legally required to represent you in case of any mishap or you being away in foreign country etc., have to submit their address proof(ID)( Adhar card) n passport size photos also just fir records and they have no commitment but just to keep this program in their knowledge and the sanctity of this ends just once baby is delivered. Please carry your Address(ID) proofs( Adhar Cards), Passport copies if you are a foreign citizen, 2 passport size photos of both Husband n wife each along with a joint photo, all signed by you both on reverse...!

At the time of stimulation, You can stay either at any relatives or friends, if have one in Hyderabad or you can stay at a hotel near by the hospital at Habsiguda. Just FYI, these Hotels are available around....!!

Hotel Swagath Grand, Opp To CCMB, Habsiguda X Roads, Habsiguda, Hyderabad - 500007, (040)67110605

Narayana Residency, Ph: 040-64504546, 040-42204546 Just Opp. to the Hospital.

Hotel Krishna and Dwaraka Inn, Hotel Suprabhath are also in the vicinity !!

If you need any cab call on +91 9246153289 or any other Tegd Agencies available in Hyderabad!!!

Just give us a call before you start. For any more clarity on anything unanswered here, you pls call Jyotsna, PRO on +91 7661017755 or WhatsApp.

Further in self stimulation cases you both (wife in particular) have to stay here for about 15 days and you may choose to stay on your own arrangement or in single bedroom furnished accommodation with food arranged by us at BHONGIR on very reasonable costs, where two people are allowed to stay for maximum 21 days, if you have any arrangement to have stimulation done in your own town, in coordination with us and under guidance of Dr Padmaja in deciding with protocols, dosages etc. which could be well explained to you by us, in such situation.

There after you just need to come at 12th week of Gestation to see your baby's HeartBeat in Doppler Scan, see your Surrogate and gift her anything and pay your second instalment !!, and at 24th week again, you can come (optionally) to see your surrogate, gift her anything and pay your final instalment. Finally you just need to come to Habsiguda, only on the day of scheduled delivery to have your baby and enjoy the Life with all Lights and Colours from the Day Next....The Darkness is over as we strive hard to see your Dreams Realised Soon, in Best Possible Ways and at All Affordable Costs !!!!


Dr. Padmaja Fertility Centre ( Sorragate Home )
@ Navya Nursing Home,
Azad Road, Near Prince Corner,
Bhongir - 508 116.

Mobile: +91 99480 44665
              +91 97054 07755


Dr. Padmaja Surrogacy Centre
@NGRI Metro Station, Piller No: C-964, St No: 7, Habsiguda,
Hyderabad - 500 007, TS INDIA.

Mobile: +91 95535 07755,
              +91 97054 07755


Dr. PADMAJA Surrogacy centre

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