:: PRESENT SURROGACY Law & Ur Queries (FAQs) Answered ::

All citizens/NRIs/OCIs/PIOs are allowed to avail Surrogacy in India.
The SYSTEM is Couple need to apply & appear before a District ART & Surrogacy Board & seek approval on medical indication with relevant doctor's medical opinion requiring "surrogacy" on medical reasons Then U hv to find out (Act says we Service providers shouldn't help clients to find a Surrogate) a Fit Women (married/ husband consent/aged 25-35 Yrs having a 3+ aged healthy own child/Healthy & Fit) & take that couple/her to the DistrictBoard for Approval.
Then U shd go to a Judicial First Class Magistrate & file an Affidavit Then U can choose a Regd Surrogacy Centre of Ur choice across India & submit all Docts/ approvals fr the procedure to be done… Here ridiculous point is U shouldn’t pay any thing or promise or gift, except Medical Expenses & 3 Year Life Insurance Policy There’ll be an agreement in the format prescribed in the Act on Delivery of Ur Baby, she shd handover it to U...
But hazy, unsure, impractical, unreasonable system is this…no ?!
That’s why we are unable to answer Ur anxious queries and waiting for any change happens in all this since many couples are filing petitions in high courts & no verdict has come out...
Summing up, you are allowed to go for but per the above conditions/situations...
If U get it we'll be ready to Help U Hv Ur Own Baby by Surrogacy

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