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'We have NO BRANCHES anywhere' (We are NOT CONCERNED with any other Fertility Centre with SIMILAR NAME like "Dr. PADMAJA........" in Karimnagar OR Vijayawada OR elsewhere in INDIA)

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"Dr. PADMAJA SURROGACY".......A UNIQUE SURROGACY CENTRE....... the EXCLUSIVITY here @ PFC-HYDERABAD (unlike many other service providers) is to have the Surrogate Mothers selected among 25 to 35 Yrs age, with proven history of atleast one Healthy Child Birth, thoroughly screened for all infections, physically, legally and psychologically fit, counselled well about all implications...are to live in the special Accommodation adjacent the Hospital, with Nutritious Food as planned.. Click here

surrogacy cost in hyderabad

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A donor donates the semen after he is screened and tested as safe for various infections such as HIV, Hepatities and other Venereal Disease. At Padmaja IVF Centre, we test the donor for infections every 3 months, The semen thus obtained can be ..

surrogacy cost in hyderabad

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AID (Artificial Insemination Dnr) is generally advocated for males with low sperm counts (Oligozoospermia) or zero counts (Azoospermia), where treatment with drugs, surgery and ART treatments like AIH, IUI and ICSI have proven unsuccessful...

surrogacy cost in hyderabad

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What is artificial Insemination with Donor sample (AID) or Donor Insemination (DI)? In as many as 30% of infertile couples the male is responsible for infertility. A significant percentage of these males do not father children despite various ...


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" Love to Serve " is our way with a Smile, Honesty, commitment.

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"We strive to do justice to our work with all sincerity n commitment but the results could never be sure in ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques)...but we present here some of the "Pat on our Back" like encouraging write ups from the clients visiting this centre fir the last one decade... Click here

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  • Consulting Hours 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Street No: 7, Beside Bajaj Electronics, Opp NMDC Main Gate, Offmetro Station, Habsiguda, Hyderabad.
  • +919553507755, 9705407755
  • info@drpadmajasurrogacy.com, md@drpadmajasurrogacy.com

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